Heat Shrink Films Plastic Packaging Wrapping

Heat shrink films plastic packaging wrapping

Heat shrink films plastic packaging wrapping

BEE Packaging is a supplier of Stock and Custom Printed Shrink Films, Sleeves, and Preforms. Understanding that our clients also need eco friendly products, choose from our wide selection of packaging heat shrink roll stock, preforms, cut bands, shrink labels, multi-packs, and plastic films.  Perforated tear away, tamper evident bands, security seals, and printed bottle wraps. High quality shrink films at competitive prices!

Stock Heat Shrink Films

Polyolefin Shrink Film - An excellent performer on all types of manual, semi and automatic equipment. Easily conforms to irregularly shaped objects.  Cold storage applications. Available in roll stock. Meets FDA requirements for direct food contact.

PVC Shrink Film - Strength and durability combined with sparkling clarity and high gloss. Non food film. Shrinks and seals at a lower temperature for faster production time. Available in roll stock, shrink tubing, and shrink bags. Perfect for gift baskets, CD's, DVD's.  First choice in the printing and publishing industry. High clarity, high gloss film is ideal for retail applications.

Our stock line of shrink film products protect and keep your products clean while maintaining an attractive appearance. Our selection of Shrink Film products includes everything from puncture resistant, centerfold PVC and Polyolefin Shrink Film to Shrink Bags, Tubing and Sealing Equipment. In addition to our industrial offering, we stock well known brands such as Reynolon®.

Reynolon 5044 PVC Shrink Film

Reynolon® 5044 plastic pvc heat shrink wrap tubing and polyolefin shrink films

Reynolon® 5044 plastic pvc heat shrink wrap tubing and polyolefin shrink films

PVC shrink film pvc heat shrink film roll stock enhance your product's appeal by offering Reynolon® brands shrink films' strength and durability combined with sparkling clarity and high gloss!

  • Soft touch, medium biaxial shrinkage, non-food packaging.
  • The industry standard general purpose film.
  • Outstanding sparkle, gloss and wrinkle-free shrinkage.
  • High internal tear resistance and good memory.
  • Center-folded film.

Pre-made PVC heat shrink bags save time.  
From 80 Gauge - 100 Gauge thickness, depending on bag size.

  • Great for DVDs, CDs and software.
  • Manufactured from crystal clear PVC film.
  • Easy open bags shrink at a low temperature.
  • Simply place product in a bag and shrink with a heat gun.
  • PVC Shrink Film
  • High clarity film is strong and flexible.
  • Great for use as CD, DVD or software packaging.

DATA SHEET Download: 5044 PVC Brochure


Shrink Tubing On A Roll

Polyolefin heat shrink wrap sheeting

Polyolefin heat shrink wrap sheeting

Polyolefin Shrink Film
Use to package food products, bundle multiple products and more! Polyolefin Shrink Film
provides excellent performance on all types of manual, semi-automatic and automatic heat shrink equipment.

  • Multi-layer, biaxially oriented shrink film requires no dwell time.
  • High gloss appearance and excellent clarity.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • Works well on irregularly shaped items.
  • Suitable for cold storage applications.
  • Meets FDA requirements for direct food contact.
  • Approved for mailings by the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Center-folded film.
Heat shrink roll tubing in stock

Heat shrink roll tubing in stock

Tubing roll film shrinks with applied heat and seals at a lower temperature for faster production time. Use to make custom size shrink bags.

  • Pre-sealed on two sides.
  • Provides crystal clear high gloss packaging.
  • Can be used with automatic or portable equipment.
  • Sold by the roll.

Shrink Film Systems Heat Guns And Equipment

Shrink wrap film equipment system

Shrink wrap film equipment system

Heat guns for shrink wrapping

Heat guns for shrink wrapping

Super-Sealer® Shrink Film Systems. Makes it easy to pack or repack products. Shrink equipment features a built-in adjustable timer with LED light. Heavy-duty steel construction. UL listed.

  • System includes: Bar sealer.
  • Variable temperature heat gun.
  • 100' roll of 75 gauge PVC shrink film.
  • 1 Super Sealer® service kit
  • Use for heating shrink film, thawing pipes, removing adhesive stickers, removing paint and varnish, or loosening rusted or over-tightened nuts, screws and more!
  • 1200 W Max - 10 Amps.
  • UL listed.

Custom Sized Shrink Bands And Printed Shrink Wrap Films

Sizing: When designing and ordering a custom shrink sleeve band, a number of important measurements are taken. The slit width is the total width of the sleeve before it is seamed. Slightly smaller than the slit width, the critical art width is the area of the sleeve that is printed. A shrink sleeve’s lay flat width is the width of the seamed sleeve or the width of the finished product. The cut length is the total height of the sleeve and the critical art height is the height of the printed area on the sleeve. Generally, the critical art height is 4 mm less than the cut length, leaving 2 mm on the top and the bottom of the sleeve without printing.

Printing & Varnishing: After the size of the shrink sleeve has been determined, art to be printed can be sized appropriately and prepared for the printing process. The imprint is applied to the inside of the material. Depending on how the sleeve is being applied to the container, a varnish may need to be applied over the printing to ensure that the imprint does not scratch and the sleeves run smoothly on the application equipment. The imprint is scratch resistant after the sleeve is applied to the container because it is on the inside of the label.

BEE Packaging can provide an option of perforation for shrink sleeves. Perforations are often used on sleeves that will be applied to bottles with screw off tops to provide tamper resistance. Perforations can also be applied to the side of a sleeve to allow easy removal. There can be up to two perforations per sleeve.  Perforated sleeve bands make it easier for your customers to remove and also shows any tamper evidence.

Seam and Fold Areas: When designing a shrink sleeve, the seam and fold areas must be considered. Important design components such as ingredient information or UPC codes should not be on a fold. Seams can fall in the center of the sleeve or off center.

Shrink Sleeve Finishing: Shrink sleeves can either be individually cut or finished on a roll depending on the application method. For many machine-applied shrink sleeves, the labels are finished on a roll. If the labels are to be finished on a roll, the outer diameter of the roll, core size, and rewind position of the roll are critical to ensure the roll will work on the application equipment. We will work with your shrink sleeve applicator to confirm the best finishing method.

We print amazing full-color labels to dramatically improve packaging and presentation at a fraction of the cost of traditional labels. Boost your products appeal while
you lower purchase, storage and production costs with our full sized heat shrink labels. Your product lines are uniquely different even with the same basic container! 

Custom printed heat shrink bottle labels sleeves bands

Custom printed heat shrink bottle labels sleeves bands

Shrink Tubing, Bands, Preforms and Safety Seals

Shrink Tubing, Bands, Preforms and Safety Seals

  • PVC PET-G PLA OPS Polyolefin
  • Machine Capabilities:
  • Back Seams
  • Verticle Perforations, “T” Perf, Horizontal, Single and Double Perforations
  • Custom Printing
  • Tubes, Lay flat Sheeting, Shrink Bags, Roll Stock, Bottle and Neck Bands
  • Custom Printing Available

Cost Effective and Most Common Shrink Film

PVC Polyvinyl Chloride is the most commonly used Shrink Film for tamper-evident packaging. A strong, durable, and shape conforming to clearly advertise and market your product. Ideal for packaging single individual items and multi-packs. Shrink factors up to 62% (high shrink).

Recyclable Plastic :

PET-G Polyethylene Terephthalate. A recyclable film that is used where clarity, durability, and high shrink factors of 75% are needed (example: highly contoured containers).

Environmentally Friendly Shrink Films

PLA Polylactide. A biodegradable eco friendly and compostable Shrink Film. Corn-based material that  is a responsible alternative for your shrink applications that call for value and high performance without giving up quality or presentation. 

FDA-approved for direct food contact and has an 80% shrink factor.