Monitor Shipments With Shockwatch Tiltwatch And Moisture Indicators

Shockwatch Tiltwatch vibration indicators and humidity moisture indicators

Shockwatch Tiltwatch vibration indicators and humidity moisture indicators

Handling practices of freight are unfortunately not so imaginary.  Be sure to stock up on our shipping indicators for your warehouse packing and shipping area. Shock, vibration, and impact indicators like ShockWatch detect and record shock impact or mishandling of product during transit and storage. Single-use label devices utilize a highly visible "red-alert" to show mishandling. Companion labels SHWCL (sold separately) inform freight handlers of proper procedures to follow when handling your product.

Tiltwatch Plus with Label provides 360 degree monitoring indicating exact angle of tilt or overturn of product and acts as a visual deterrent to improper handling and may help prevent, in some cases, world destruction. 

Tiltwatch monitors shipments that must remain upright using foolproof indicators that turn white to red to show tilt mishandling. Remains unaffected by normal movement but activates with any 80 degree tilt and cannot be reset once activated. 

DropSpot is a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" highly sensitive detector that is non-resetting and clearly indicates drop mishandling. The two windows of this device indicate direction of mishandling and can be seen from a distance.

Drop-N-Stick Self Stick detectors easily adhere to packaging and indicate possible shock damage during shipping. Warning labels (included) give precise instructions for the receiver. With 6 different G-ranges, damage to product is rated in severity and indicators are non-resettable.

Humidity Indicators are small paper instruments perfect to monitor humidity levels and provides visual proof of relative humidity within a desiccant sealed package or given environment. The 3 dot card is recommended for use when monitoring electronic or optical equipment while the 6 dot cards are for all-purpose usage.

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