BEECLIPS HP601W Box Connecting Clip Snap in Fasteners

The HP601 Beeclip box clip fasteners are the original snap in squeeze pull jointed clip that started it all 30 years ago.   By connecting two layers of double wall corrugated together it created a packing box time saver for production lines worldwide.  Our clips easily join corro lids to corru cardboard bases eliminating the need for tape and strapping saving production assembly time and money.  
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BEECLIP-HP601W Squeeze pinch pull joint snap in plastic box clip fasteners. The 601 double wall bee clips are used to secure two layers of doublewall corrugated together. Beeclip hp601w carton packaging designs include DST style Lids to HSC cardboard bases. 
Two piece sleeves can be assembled together with 601w clips down the seams. Import/export packs. 
Packed 700/case
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Beeclip HP601WA Wide face front snap in connecting box clip

Beeclip HP601WA Wide face front snap in connecting box clip

BEECLIP - HP601WA Double wall wide face front box clip

BEECLIP-HP601WA is a larger face front double wall corru clip. Squeeze pull joint fastener box clip. To secure a layer of doublewall to double wall cardboard together. Beeclip HP601WA plastic box connected clip. The 601WA works well for larger over sized packs, lids to bases. 2 piece sleeves. Import/export packs 

  • Refrigerator boxes
  • Motor boxes packs
  • Televisions
  • Gym Equipment
  • Large Heavy Oversided Packing

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Triple wall triwall connecting box clip

BEECLIP-HP601w3 Tri-wall box beeclips, just like its predecessor HP601w, except this carton clip model has a deeper thickness to accommodate two layers of triwall corrugated. Beeclip hp601w3 triple walled fasteners connect two tri wall cardboard layers together. Designing with 601w3 snap in triwall bee clips.
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Beeclips solved the problem of our boxes getting destroyed, and my boss loves them! We started a return recycling program.
— Carlos S.