Packaging Foam Cushioning Die Cutting And Fabrication


Pink Anti-Static Foam

Die cut inserts inner packaging foam


laminations gluing Foam fabrication

Foam Cushioning Sheets Pads


Polyurethane urethane cushioning foam
end caps

Foam bracing packaging design blocking 


Convoluted foam sheets and pads

egg crate foam

Bee Packaging offers polyurethane and polyethylene custom die cut foam cushioning products for shipping delicate products, heavy products, foam for lining wooden crates. Custom fabricated foam designs, die cutting foam shapes, foam blocks, and inner packaging foam cushions to support and cradle delicate instruments.  Foam for lining cases.
Foam cushion packaging, ESD protection, vibration dampening, thermal insulation, sound absorption, and construction.  Adhesive backed and velour velvet flocked foams.
Send your product or pack dimensional drawings for pricing.

Polyurethane and polyethylene foam die cut fabrication.  Insulated expanded polystyrene EPS sheets and molded foams.  White urethane foam, white epe expanded polyethylene, and grey polyurethane foams.  

Convoluted foam sheets and pads also called egg crate foam for soft cradling of fragile products. Polyurethane foam cushioning for plastic cases to show off prototypes, travel and sales kits.  Foam can be glued into boxes or left loose for cost savings.

Expanded polyethylene EPE for strong support and bracing . Military mil spec foam cushioning sheets and pads. Foam for medical devices, and sensitive electronics inner foam packaging. Blocking bracing heavy foams. Kitting foam glued to corrugated fiberboard boxes and mailers. 
Antistatic pink and black conductive foams for sensitive electronic equipment.
Cleanroom foams for medical and aerospace applications.

  • Expanded polyethylene (molded and fabricated).
  • Flexible polyester, polyether foam
  • Foam materials which meet military specifications MIL-P-26514, PPP-C-1752 and more
  • Expanded polyethylene EPE laminated die cut foam inserts and end caps
  • Polyurethane cushioning case foam
  • Fabricated polyethylene foam end caps for suspending
  • Polyethylene foam sheets for layering bracing packing
  • Polyurethane inner foam cushioning sheets blocks
  • Military Milspec foams
  • Cleanroom foams
  • ESD anti-static foams
  • Foam fabrication and die cutting
  • Computer electronics foam
  • Foam for medical equipment protection
  • Milspec foam for military applications
  • Medical foam
  • Electronics packaging foams
  • Heavy equipment foam supports 
  • Foam blocking bracking

foam inserts

Black conductive white closed cell foam and pink anti-static polyethylene foams for electronics cleanrooms military spec applications